Center of Mass
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First Mass Moment
Center of Mass

First Mass Moment

The 1st mass moment of a particle is defined as the product of its mass and position vector (Figure 1):

    Figure 1


where q = the first mass moment, m = the mass, and r = the position vector. The total mass moment of the system of particles shown in Figure 2 is then

    Figure 2


where i = point number.


Center of Mass

Center of mass is an imaginary point which suffices the following relationship:


where mtotal = the mass of the system, rCM = the position vector of the CM. In other words, the CM is a single point which effectively represents the whole system. From [3]:


Based on Figure 3, [2] can be rewritten as

    Figure 3


The second term of [5] is the total 1st mass moment of the system with respect to its CM. From [3] and [5]:


In other words, the sum of the 1st mass moments of the particles with respect to their CM always becomes zero.



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