Motion Analysis
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Theories and Practices of Motion Analysis

Video & Automatic Tracking
Camera Calibration
DLT Method
Least Square Method
Survey Method
Modified DLT
Underwater Motion Analysis Issues
Refraction Error
Double-Plane Method
Localized DLT
PPT (Physical Parameter Transformation)
Tsai's 2-Step Camera Calibration Algorithm
Panning Method
Axis Alignment Strategies
Body Modeling
Point Modeling
Segment Modeling
Segment Group Modeling
Joint Modeling
Data Processing
Cubic Spline Interpolation
Butterworth Digital Filters
Low-Pass Filter
System Function
Filter Function & Coefficients
Initial Conditions & Data Padding
Phase Delay
Other Filters
BSP Issues
BSP Handling Strategies
BSP Equations of the Geometric Shapes
BSP Estimation Methods
User-Angle Issues
Angular Distance vs. Relative Angular Position
Continuous Angle-Time Curve
Initial Value Problem
Joint Kinematics
Orientation Angles
Computation of the Orientation Angles
Angular Velocity vs. Orientation Angles
Joint Angle vs. Orientation Angles
Electromagnetic Motion Sensors
Joint Center: Functional Method
Computation of the Rotation Matrix
Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)
Helical (Screw) Axis
Motion Sensors: Joint Center
Joint Kinetics
Joint Torque
Joint Torque Revisited
Data Interpretation
Joint Energetics
Force Plate Issues
Ground Reaction Force
Reaction-Oriented Coordinate System
Center of Pressure (CP)
Plate Padding
Calibration Matrix
Multiple Plates


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