Mechanical Basis
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Mechanical Basis of Motion Analysis

Coordinate Systems
Cartesian Coordinates
Polar Coordinates
Vector & Matrix
Vector vs. Matrix
Axis Transformation
Reference Frame
Transformation Matrix
Rotation Matrix
Motion of a Particle
Linear Kinetics
Angular Kinetics
Dynamics of a System of Particles
Center of Mass
Angular Momentum
Kinetic Energy
Rigid Body Dynamics
Moment of Inertia & Ellipsoid of Inertia
Calculation of the MOI
Inertia Tensor
Principal Axes
Transformation of the Inertia Tensor
Angular Momentum
Kinetic Energy
Motion in a Rotating Reference Frame
Moving Reference Frame
Acceleration of a Particle
Acceleration of a Rigid Body
System of Rigid Bodies
Whole Body Center of Mass
Whole Body MOI
Whole Body Angular Momentum
Lagrangian Dynamics
Simulation of the Airborne Movement
Relative Angular Momentum of the Body
Equation of Simulation

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