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Date 22-August-2008 (15:39)
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“ Funtional Anlaysis of How Frogs Jump ... ”
A Functional Analysis of How Frogs Jump out of Water. 
Changes in sprint performance..(running)
 Changes in sprint performance and kinetics during the acceleration phase of running of a world record holder   

 [2008/08/22 16:24]
Stop-Jump and In-line Skating Lannding..
 Biomechanics of stop-jump landing and In-line skating jump landing 

 [2008/08/22 16:18]
Swing Plane in Golf....
 A 3-D determination and anlysis of the swing plane in golf   

 [2008/08/22 16:14]
Three-dimensional kinematic analysis...
 A Three-dimensional kinematic analysis of Grand Rond de Jambe 

 [2008/08/22 15:54]
Mechanics of Pole Running ....
 Mechanics of Pole Running in Subjects with Chronic Knee Problems 

 [2008/08/22 15:53]
Effect of Walking Poles on Dynamic Gait.
  Effect of Walking Poles on Dynamic Gait Stability  

 [2008/08/22 15:50]
Funtional Anlaysis of How Frogs Jump ...
  A Functional Analysis of How Frogs Jump out of Water.  

 [2008/08/22 15:39]
Asian Confederation
                          August 29th ~ September 1st, 2008 in Chiba, Japan  VISOL,Inc. will be attending the the Asian Confederation for Physical Therapy We’ll display the Kwon3D Motion Analysis System. Contact James ...

 [2008/07/31 14:03]
The 20th Annual Congress of the Japanese
       August 27, 2008    We'll held the Luncheon Seminar & Workshop    at The 20th Annual Congress of the Japanese    Society of Biomechanics.     Contact James Park for further information.   

 [2008/07/31 13:38]
Automotive Testing Expo 2008
      September 17~19, 2008 in Shanghai, China  Booth Number 3102 VISOL,Inc. will be attending the the Automotive Testing Expo 2008  in China. We’ll display the High-Speed Lighting System and 3D Motion Analysis System. Contact Soo-chul Kim for additional information. 

 [2008/07/16 11:21]
Body Model for Gait Analysis by Dr.Kwon

 [2008/06/19 16:46]
Body Model for Golf Swing by Dr.Kwon

 [2008/06/19 15:56]
Golf Swing Plane Analysis
This is the sample of Plane Analysis of Golf Swing.   You can play this sample report using Report Viewer.  Please download Report Viewer and install it.

 [2008/06/19 15:49]
2008 Kwon3D Workshop(Korea)
     2008 Kwon3D XP Workshop (중, 고급자 과정)     3차원 동작분석의 대중화를 선도해온 2008 Kwon3D XP Workshop에 초대합니다. 2008 Kwon3D XP Workshop은 15년간 축적된 동작분석의 기술과 Know-How를 통한 전문적이고 과학적인 교육 워크샵입니다. 특히, 금번 교육...

 [2008/06/19 14:45]
Kwon3DXP Report Viewer
Kwon3D XP Report Viewer

 [2008/06/04 13:07]
Kwon3DXP manual
1. Introduction 2. Working with body models 3. Working with experimental protocols 4. Working with analysis protocols 5. Working with calibration trials 6. Working with motion trials 7. Working with reports 8. Appendix(Capturing video from DV camcorders) 9. Appendix(Acquiring analog data) 10. Appendix(Importing C3D files)

 [2008/06/04 11:04]