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 The effect of strength training on the torque of the ankle joint for a down syndrome 

 [2008/08/22 17:01]
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 Kinematic analysis of gait according to load increase of %BW in underwater locomotion 

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 Comparison of knee joint moments during anticipated and unanticipated running and cutting maneuver - A Pilot Study   

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 Biomechanical evaluation of female's lower limb joints with rett syndrome 

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 AP force patterns of the professional golfers in golf swing 

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 The support leg and attack pattern relationship of black kick movement in taekwondo  

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The Effect of Target...(Taekwondo)
 The effect of target distance on trunk, pelvis, and kicking leg kinematics in TAEWKONDO round house kick 

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The Contribution of .....(Taekwondo)
 The contribution of lower limb segments by pre-movement in Taewondo Roundhouse kicking 

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The application of ....(Volleyball Spike
 The application of range of motion (ROM) and coordination on volleyball spike 

 [2008/08/22 16:51]
Kinematical Analysis of Volleyball Spike
  Kinematical analysis of female volleyball spike  

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VGRF Changes with clubs in golf swing...
 How the VGRF changes with the changes of the clubs in golf swing  

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Vertical Jump heights using GRF.....
 How can we teach student to estimate vertical jump heights using ground reaction force data 

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  Ground reaction force of rotational shot put - case study  

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Changes in sprint performance..(running)
 Changes in sprint performance and kinetics during the acceleration phase of running of a world record holder   

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Stop-Jump and In-line Skating Lannding..
 Biomechanics of stop-jump landing and In-line skating jump landing 

 [2008/08/22 16:18]
Swing Plane in Golf....
 A 3-D determination and anlysis of the swing plane in golf   

 [2008/08/22 16:14]