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The 29th Kwon3D XP Training for beginners
The 29th Kwon3D XP Training for beginnersWe invite you to our Kwon3D XP Training for beginners We appreciate your consistent interest and encouragement, We will have a plan to provide a training course in 2010 about the software usage and experimental environment for the Kwon3D XP users.  Business Dept. 1   VISOL,Inc. ▶ Dat...

 [2010/03/10 16:17]
The application of ....(Volleyball Spike
 The application of range of motion (ROM) and coordination on volleyball spike 

 [2008/08/22 16:51]
AP Force Patterns of....(Golf Swing)
 AP force patterns of the professional golfers in golf swing 

 [2008/08/22 16:55]
Swing Plane in Golf....
 A 3-D determination and anlysis of the swing plane in golf   

 [2008/08/22 16:14]
Kinematical Analysis of Volleyball Spike
  Kinematical analysis of female volleyball spike  

 [2008/08/22 16:46]
Effect of Walking Poles on Dynamic Gait.
  Effect of Walking Poles on Dynamic Gait Stability  

 [2008/08/22 15:50]
VGRF Changes with clubs in golf swing...
 How the VGRF changes with the changes of the clubs in golf swing  

 [2008/08/22 16:45]
GRF of rotational shot put....
  Ground reaction force of rotational shot put - case study  

 [2008/08/22 16:39]
Stop-Jump and In-line Skating Lannding..
 Biomechanics of stop-jump landing and In-line skating jump landing 

 [2008/08/22 16:18]
Vertical Jump heights using GRF.....
 How can we teach student to estimate vertical jump heights using ground reaction force data 

 [2008/08/22 16:43]
Three-dimensional kinematic analysis...
 A Three-dimensional kinematic analysis of Grand Rond de Jambe 

 [2008/08/22 15:54]
The Contribution of .....(Taekwondo)
 The contribution of lower limb segments by pre-movement in Taewondo Roundhouse kicking 

 [2008/08/22 16:53]
The Effect of Target...(Taekwondo)
 The effect of target distance on trunk, pelvis, and kicking leg kinematics in TAEWKONDO round house kick 

 [2008/08/22 16:54]
Funtional Anlaysis of How Frogs Jump ...
  A Functional Analysis of How Frogs Jump out of Water.  

 [2008/08/22 15:39]
Changes in sprint performance..(running)
 Changes in sprint performance and kinetics during the acceleration phase of running of a world record holder   

 [2008/08/22 16:24]
Mechanics of Pole Running ....
 Mechanics of Pole Running in Subjects with Chronic Knee Problems 

 [2008/08/22 15:53]