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Name Kwon3D
Date 26-October-2009 (11:59)
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“ The 5th Kwon3D XP Training - Intermediate Course ”
The 5th Kwon3D XP Training - Intermediate Course

We invite you to our Kwon3D XP Intermediate Training Course

We appreciate your consistent interest and encouragement, We will have a plan to provide a training course in 2009 about the software usage and experimental environment for        

the Kwon3D XP users. 

Business Dept. 1   VISOL,Inc.

▶ Date and Time: 10:00 ~ 17:00  October 30, 2009

 The above training schedule may be changed.  
▶ Location: Grand Conference Room in the Visol Company
▶ For whom: Kwon3D XP Users or persons interesting in the Kwon3D XP
▶ Preparation materials: one Notebook per person( higher version than Windows 2000 )
▶ Preregistration:  

     Contact person:  Kim, Se-Na(
    Tel. 02)2612-2111 Fax. 02) 2612-0660 

 Registration Information
  Preregistration is required to attend this training.  
  Preregistration should be done as early as you can. Only 8 persons are permitted.

  You need to pay for training fee ₩30,000 for this workshop . After registration, Pay for Training fee, registration will be done.

  In case of the peoples have the same university, major and laboratory,  only 2 people could be permitted.

 Registration Form
 Application Form for Kwon3D XP Training (refer to attached file)

▶ Direction
By Subway
1. Get off on Gu-il Station → Cross the right Bridge on the station exit (Gwangmyeong-si bound) → Rivervill APT → 6F Gwangmyeong Techno-Town 

2. Cheolsan Station, Exit 2 (Line No. 7) → Taxi (5 minutes) → Bus (6616,6638) → Get off the last stop (3 minutes) → Gwangmyeong Techno-Town


 By Car

1. Seobu Expressway (West Cost Highway ) → (Gwangmyeong City Hall bound) 

→ Trun left at the end of the Gwangmyeong Bridge → Rivervill APT → 6F Gwangmyeong Techno-Town

2. Nambu Circular Highway (Gimpo Airport bound) → Garibong road 5 → LG Gas Station 

→ Rivervill APT → 6F Gwangmyeong Techno-Town


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Name Kwon3D
Date 13-March-2012 (11:20)
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“ The 39th Kwon3D XP Training for beginners ”
Name Kwon3D
Date 08-February-2012 (17:03)
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“ The 38th Kwon3D XP Training for beginners ”
Name Kwon3D
Date 01-February-2012 (10:11)
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“ Kwon3D-Trial 2012 Version ”
Name Kwon3D
Date 31-January-2012 (15:03)
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“ [Review]The 37th Kwon3D XP Training for beginners ”
<The 37th Kwon3D XP Training for beginners>
*Date and time :10:00~17:00 Jan 27 ,2012
*Location : Grand Conference Room In Visol Company
*Institution : Korea National Sport University
                  Korea Natonal University of Education
                  Korea Institute of Sport Science
*Substance : Bodymodeling, Protocol, Digitizing, Processing


Name Kwon3D
Date 19-January-2012 (16:01)
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“ The 37th Kwon3D XP Training for beginners ”