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Biomechanical Analysis on the Motion of Jump Lotus Kick 720˚in Wushu
Biomechanical Analysis on the Motion of Jump Lotus Kick 720˚in Wushu   -Korea Journal of Sport Science- 2011. Vol 20. No. 6. pp. 1415~1426

 [2013/06/12 11:04]
Analysis of Goalkeeper Diving ....
 An Analysis of Goalkeeper Diving Response Time for the Penaltykick in Soccer   

 [2008/08/25 15:01]
Trunk Motion During the Golf Swing....
  Trunk Motion During the Golf Swing of Elite Golfers  

 [2008/08/25 14:35]
Contribution of the Knee Joint.....
 Contribution of the Knee Joint to Mechanical Energy in Crouching Start According to the Backward Block Inclined Angle Increase 

 [2008/08/25 14:30]
Analysis of Angular Momentum .(Baseball)
 Analysis of Angular Momentum the Whole Body During Glide Hitting and Kick Hitting in Baseball 

 [2008/08/22 17:37]
Upper Extremity Analyses....(Shot Put)
 Upper Extremity Analyses of Standing Throw with Three Weights of Shot Put  

 [2008/08/22 17:28]
Effects of a Pilates Exercise Program...
 Effects of a Pilates Exercise Program on Core Strength in Females 

 [2008/08/22 17:27]
Kinetic Chain Application...(Swimming)
 Kinetic Chain Application to The Dolphin Kick In Butterfly Swimming 

 [2008/08/22 17:26]
Biomechanical Analysis ....(Taekwondo)
 Biomechanical Analysis of Back Kicks Attack Movement in Taekwondo  

 [2008/08/22 17:25]
12-Week Strenght Training (Gait)....
 The Effect of 12-Week Strength Training on Gait Characteristics in Adolescent with Down Syndrome- A Single Case Study 

 [2008/08/22 17:25]
Moment and Power .....(Shot-Putting)
 Moment and power of shoulder and elbow in shot-putting 

 [2008/08/22 17:14]
Kinematic Analysis of Volleyball Jump...
 Kinematic analysis of volleyball jump topspin and float server 

 [2008/08/22 17:13]
Analysis of 500M In-Line Skate.....
  An Analysis of 500 M INLINE SKATE starting motions  

 [2008/08/22 17:12]
Kinematic Analysis of Elderly Gait......
 A kinematic analysis of elderly gait while stepping over obstacles of varying height 

 [2008/08/22 17:11]
Weight Transfer in Different Golf Swing.
 Weight transfer in different golf swing styles based on swing plane- A Nonlinear dynamics approach 

 [2008/08/22 17:04]
Gait Stability ....(T-Ples in the eldly)
 Gait Stability during direction change walking with T-Ples in the elderly 

 [2008/08/22 17:03]