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VGRF Changes with clubs in golf swing...
 How the VGRF changes with the changes of the clubs in golf swing  

 [2008/08/22 16:45]
Vertical Jump heights using GRF.....
 How can we teach student to estimate vertical jump heights using ground reaction force data 

 [2008/08/22 16:43]
GRF of rotational shot put....
  Ground reaction force of rotational shot put - case study  

 [2008/08/22 16:39]
Changes in sprint performance..(running)
 Changes in sprint performance and kinetics during the acceleration phase of running of a world record holder   

 [2008/08/22 16:24]
Stop-Jump and In-line Skating Lannding..
 Biomechanics of stop-jump landing and In-line skating jump landing 

 [2008/08/22 16:18]
Swing Plane in Golf....
 A 3-D determination and anlysis of the swing plane in golf   

 [2008/08/22 16:14]
Three-dimensional kinematic analysis...
 A Three-dimensional kinematic analysis of Grand Rond de Jambe 

 [2008/08/22 15:54]
Mechanics of Pole Running ....
 Mechanics of Pole Running in Subjects with Chronic Knee Problems 

 [2008/08/22 15:53]
Effect of Walking Poles on Dynamic Gait.
  Effect of Walking Poles on Dynamic Gait Stability  

 [2008/08/22 15:50]
Funtional Anlaysis of How Frogs Jump ...
  A Functional Analysis of How Frogs Jump out of Water.  

 [2008/08/22 15:39]
Asian Confederation
                          August 29th ~ September 1st, 2008 in Chiba, Japan  VISOL,Inc. will be attending the the Asian Confederation for Physical Therapy We’ll display the Kwon3D Motion Analysis System. Contact James ...

 [2008/07/31 14:03]
The 20th Annual Congress of the Japanese
       August 27, 2008    We'll held the Luncheon Seminar & Workshop    at The 20th Annual Congress of the Japanese    Society of Biomechanics.     Contact James Park for further information.   

 [2008/07/31 13:38]
Automotive Testing Expo 2008
      September 17~19, 2008 in Shanghai, China  Booth Number 3102 VISOL,Inc. will be attending the the Automotive Testing Expo 2008  in China. We’ll display the High-Speed Lighting System and 3D Motion Analysis System. Contact Soo-chul Kim for additional information. 

 [2008/07/16 11:21]
Body Model for Gait Analysis by Dr.Kwon

 [2008/06/19 16:46]
Body Model for Golf Swing by Dr.Kwon

 [2008/06/19 15:56]
Golf Swing Plane Analysis
This is the sample of Plane Analysis of Golf Swing.   You can play this sample report using Report Viewer.  Please download Report Viewer and install it.

 [2008/06/19 15:49]