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Date 01-October-2007 (10:41)
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“ The 12th Kwon3D XP Training for beginner ”
The 12th Kwon3D XP Training for beginners

We invite you to our Kwon3D XP Training for beginners

We appreciate your consistent interest and encouragement, and hope you have a Happy and Fruitful New Year. We will have a plan to provide a training course in 2007 about the software usage and experimental environment for the Kwon3D XP users. 

Business Dept. 1   VISOL,Inc.

▶ Date and Time: 10:00 ~ 17:00  November 02, 2007

 The above training schedule may be changed. 
▶ Location: Grand Conference Room in the Visol Company
▶ For whom: Kwon3D XP Users or persons interesting in the Kwon3D XP
▶ Preparation materials: one Notebook per person( higher version than Windows 2000 )
▶ Preregistration:  Contact person:  Kim, So-Hee(,

  Kim, Se-Na(
  Tel. 02)2612-2111 Fax. 02) 2612-0660

Registration Information
  Preregistration is required to attend this training.  
  Preregistration should be done as early as you can. Only 12 persons are permitted.

Registration Form

 Application Form for Kwon3D XP Training (refer to attached file)

▶ Direction


By Subway
1. Get off on Gu-il Station → Cross the right Bridge on the station exit (Gwangmyeong-si bound) → Rivervill APT → 6F Gwangmyeong Techno-Town

2. Cheolsan Station, Exit 2 (Line No. 7) → Taxi (5 minutes) → Bus (6616,6638) → Get off the last stop (3 minutes) → Gwangmyeong Techno-Town


By Car

1. Seobu Expressway (West Cost Highway ) → (Gwangmyeong City Hall bound)

Trun left at the end of the Gwangmyeong Bridge → Rivervill APT → 6F Gwangmyeong Techno-Town

2. Nambu Circular Highway (Gimpo Airport bound) → Garibong road 5 → LG Gas Station

→ Rivervill APT → 6F Gwangmyeong Techno-Town

[미리보는 KOBA 2013] 비솔, '마커리스 모션캡처 시스템' 선보인다
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 [2013/06/12 11:05]
2008 Kwon3D Workshop(Korea)
     2008 Kwon3D XP Workshop (중, 고급자 과정)     3차원 동작분석의 대중화를 선도해온 2008 Kwon3D XP Workshop에 초대합니다. 2008 Kwon3D XP Workshop은 15년간 축적된 동작분석의 기술과 Know-How를 통한 전문적이고 과학적인 교육 워크샵입니다. 특히, 금번 교육...

 [2008/06/19 14:45]
Happy New Year ~

 [2010/01/05 14:30]
Analysis of Goalkeeper Diving ....
 An Analysis of Goalkeeper Diving Response Time for the Penaltykick in Soccer   

 [2008/08/25 15:01]
[Review]The 39th Kwon3D XP Training for beginners
   <제 39차 Kwon3D 초급자교육>   일시 : 2012년 3월 30일 10시~17시   장소 : ㈜비솔 (사내 대회의실)   참가 업체 : 한국교원대학교, 창원대학교, 숭실대학교,         용인대학교, 단국대학교, 경희대학교   내용 : 바디...

 [2012/04/02 10:15]
Analysis of Angular Momentum .(Baseball)
 Analysis of Angular Momentum the Whole Body During Glide Hitting and Kick Hitting in Baseball 

 [2008/08/22 17:37]
Upper Extremity Analyses....(Shot Put)
 Upper Extremity Analyses of Standing Throw with Three Weights of Shot Put  

 [2008/08/22 17:28]
Kwon3D Workshop in China
  Kwon3D  Motion Analysis Workshop         Place :  Beijing Sports Science Research Institute      Date : March 18, 19 , 2009                           TOPICS:&nb...

 [2009/03/10 17:48]
Kwon3D Workshop in Malaysia
Kwon3D  Motion Analysis Workshop     Place : University of Malaya Date : March 25, 26  , 2009     March 25, 2009(Wed)   Session 1 Overview and Human Body Dynamics I 1.    Linked segment system a.    Assumptions & advantages b.    Reference frames 2.  &nbs...

 [2009/03/10 17:46]
Contribution of the Knee Joint.....
 Contribution of the Knee Joint to Mechanical Energy in Crouching Start According to the Backward Block Inclined Angle Increase 

 [2008/08/25 14:30]
Automotive Testing Expo 2009
    July 15~17, 2009 in Shanghai, China  Booth Number 2102 VISOL,Inc. will be attending the the Automotive Testing Expo 2009  in China. We’ll display the High-Speed Lighting System and 3D Motion Analysis System. Contact Soo-chul Kim for additional information.    

 [2009/07/16 13:51]
USB Hardlock Driver
USB Hardlock Driver

 [2010/01/22 14:40]
[Review]The 37th Kwon3D XP Training for beginners
<The 37th Kwon3D XP Training for beginners> *Date and time :10:00~17:00 Jan 27 ,2012 *Location : Grand Conference Room In Visol Company *Institution : Korea National Sport University                  Korea Natonal University of Education  &nbs...

 [2012/01/31 15:03]
Kwon3D-Trial 2012 Version

 [2012/02/01 10:11]
Kwon3DXP(Version 4.0) trial

 [2009/03/31 15:20]
[Review]The 43th Kwon3D XP Training for beginners
<제 43차 Kwon3D 초급자교육> 일시 : 2012년 7월 27일 10시~17시 장소 : ㈜비솔 (사내 대회의실) 참가 업체 : 고려대학교, 양산부산대학교병원 내용 : 바디모델링, 프로토콜, 디지타이징, 프로세싱 방법교육      

 [2012/08/06 09:32]