Name Kwon3D
Date 10-March-2009 (17:46)
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“ Kwon3D Workshop in Malaysia ”

Kwon3D  Motion Analysis Workshop



Place : University of Malaya

Date : March 25, 26  , 2009



March 25, 2009(Wed)


Session 1

Overview and Human Body Dynamics I

1.    Linked segment system

a.    Assumptions & advantages

b.    Reference frames

2.    Segment Perspective

a.    Degrees of freedom

b.    Linear motion

c.    Angular motion

d.    General motion


Session 2

Human Body Dynamics II

3.    Joint Perspective

a.    Joint kinematics

b.    Joint kinetics – inverse dynamics

c.    Joint energetics

4.    Global Perspective

a.    Whole body COM approach

b.    Kinematic chain


Session 3

Kwon3D XP – A Powerful Analysis Tool I

5.    Kwon3D XP Overview

a.    Project

b.    Workspace structure

6.    Trial Capture

7.    Tracking

a.    Tracking modes

8.    Data processing strategies

a.    BSP handling

b.    Static & dynamic trials




March 26, 2009(Thu)


Session 4

Contemporary Methods in Motion Analysis I

9.    Calibration & reconstruction issues

a.    Algorithms

b.    Software sync

10.  Body modeling

a.    Secondary point algorithms

b.    Individualized BSP methods


Session 5

Contemporary Methods in Motion Analysis II

11.  Joint kinematics and kinetics

a.    Joint center methods

b.    Joint axis methods

12.  Issues in ground reaction force

a.    Force plates

b.    GRF and COP

c.    Multiple plates and plate groups


Session 6

Kwon3D XP – A Powerful Analysis Tool II


13.  Reports in Kwon3D XP

a.    Report handling

b.    Report objects

c.    Analysis-oriented report functions

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