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Name Kwon3D
Date 22-August-2008 (17:14)
Down1 Moment_and_power_of_shoulder_and_elbow_in_shot-putting.pdf (158KB) (Down:2735)
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“ Moment and Power .....(Shot-Putting) ”
Moment and power of shoulder and elbow in shot-putting
Name Kwon3D
Date 22-August-2008 (17:13)
Down1 Kinematic_analysis_of_volleyball_jump_topspin_and_float_server.pdf (152KB) (Down:14701)
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“ Kinematic Analysis of Volleyball Jump... ”
Kinematic analysis of volleyball jump topspin and float server
Name Kwon3D
Date 22-August-2008 (17:12)
Down1 An_Analysis_of_500_M_INLINE_SKATE_starting_motions.pdf (224KB) (Down:2218)
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“ Analysis of 500M In-Line Skate..... ”
An Analysis of 500 M INLINE SKATE starting motions
Name Kwon3D
Date 22-August-2008 (17:11)
Down1 A_kinematic_analysis_of_elderly_gait_while_stepping_over_obstacles_of_varying_height.pdf (144KB) (Down:2498)
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“ Kinematic Analysis of Elderly Gait...... ”
A kinematic analysis of elderly gait while stepping over obstacles of varying height
Name Kwon3D
Date 22-August-2008 (17:04)
Down1 Weight_transfer_in_different_golf_swing_styles_based_on_swing_plane-_A_Nonlinear_dynamics_approach.pdf (123KB) (Down:2301)
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“ Weight Transfer in Different Golf Swing. ”
Weight transfer in different golf swing styles based on swing plane- A Nonlinear dynamics approach