Name Kwon3D
Date 05-December-2007 (17:54)
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“ VISOL Multi Net Express ”


Development of the VISOL Multi Net Express System for notebook users and completion to supply them to OMG Ltd. in China.

Two Visol MotionMaster 100 cameras at the same time by making use

of 4 pin 1394 port and PCMCIA embedded in notebook or express 1394card.  
We developed the system to capture from 30 up to 300FPS and completed supplies of them to OMG in CHINA.

The difference mended from the existing version of desktop.

1.      Now independent capture is practicable without Kwon3dxp through separating independent S/W, ‘Visol Multi Net Express Server’, from the serve parts included in KWON3DXP

2.      It is possible to create number of client to infinity freely by classifying functions for communication with clients made by hard coding from bundies of the exisiting severs

3.      Through adding the function to set playback speed of AVI pile at 30 FPS by compulsion to original fps when creating final AVI, HDD 1/O performance we gave our consideration to users for notebook.

4.      We gave support of the external trigger signaler for synchronization between cameras and DT9817 timer/counter of usb type (Not of PCI type) made by data translation.

5.      We solver problem of electric power supply by self-manufacture of 6-6-4pin 1394 cable available to receive electric power from 12V DC external power supplier because notebook has no function to supply electric power directly to Basler A602FC. 



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