Name Kwon3D
Date 28-June-2007 (19:03)
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“ ISB Workshop (Taipei, Taiwan) ”


Dear Visitors,

We'd like to direct your attention to a workshop on motion analysis that will be held during the XXI ISB Congress in July in Taiwan
The title of the workshop is "Motion Analysis with Kwon3D XP". The tentative workshop topics are

1. Body Modeling Principles
      A. Local Reference Frame Definition
      B. Orientation Angles
      C. Joints and Inverse Dynamics

2. System Setup Considerations
     A. Axis Transformation
     B. Force Plates and Plate Groups

3. Auto Marker Tracking

4. Data Analysis through Reports
     A. Report Objects
     B. Report Templates
     C. Report Viewer

5. Kwon3D XP as a Powerful Analysis Tool
     A. Kinematic & Kinetic Variables Covered
     B. Stick Figure-Based Analysis Functions
     C. Graph-Based Analysis Functions
     D. Data Retrieval
     E. Consideration for Statistical Analysis


Young-Hoo Kwon, Ph.D.
Director, Biomechanics Laboratory
Associate Professor of Kinesiology
Texas Woman's University

Email: ykwon@mail.twu.edu / kwon3d@kwon3d.com

The workshop will be held at 3:45 - 5:45p on July 4 and the Kwon3D has been known to the biomechanics community mainly as a website(http://kwon3d.com/theories.html) for last 10 years. However, the software has been in existence for last 17 years and has gone through a major upgrade lately (Kwon3D XP; version 4.1 currently). 
Find out how the advanced motion analysis theories and practices are integrated 
into Kwon3D XP thoroughly and thoughtfully.
Those participants who have a lot of experiences in motion analysis are particularly welcome since this workshop will provide an opportunity to see how your analysis capability can be

So, please do not miss this exciting opportunity.

For us to better prepare for the workshop, please contact me (hopark@visol.net  or visol@kwon3d.com ) of Visol, Inc. make the reservation ASAP. 
We'd hope to see you all at the workshop.