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  VISOL, Inc. develops and markets innovative and high-performance 3D Motion Analysis System,based on state-of-the art technologies and know-how built up for several years.
Visol was established by Jae-Young Lee, the chief executive of the company, in October 1, 1999 to provide VIsual SOLution to Automated Machine Vision industry in Korea. The initial focus was on building up Optical Motion Analysis System and delivering motion analysis technology to Research Center as well as University Laboratory. Consequently, Visol broadened and deepened its knowledge and the vision applications in the field of image processing and in how complicate and difficult it is to make up new technical application infrastructures for reflecting new demanded architectures of the clients in line with the transformation from simple image processing technology to motion analysis system.
Especially, The development of Motion Analysis System, like Kwon3D program and KwonGRF Program with Dr.Kwon, made our people be highly professionalized enterprise level vision application and also made Visol got reputation in this motion analysis industry.
Of course, Visol has the other applications ; System Integration and Military vision system development.
The products of System Integration are PhotoFinish Sensor Systems for the Motor Boat Race, Cycle Race and Horse Race, etc. And Military Vision System Development are based on the order of Military Development Organization.
Namely, Visol consists of 20 employees ; 16 engineers who have considerable experience over average 7 years in the field of Vision Applications and 4 workers for sales department and executive department.
We are uniquely placed to play a key role for Vision industry and pursuing our business based on this motto

Human and Technology Create Future.


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