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Force Platform








Force Platform
Biomechanics Force Platform can be used for biomechanics, engineering, medical research, orthopedics, rehabilitation evaluation, prosthetics, and general industrial uses.
Specific uses include gait analysis, “Romberg” testing or stability analysis, neurological analysis,
prosthetics fitting, athletic performance, shoe design, and force, power, and work studies.
The platform measures the three orthogonal force components along the X, Y, and Z axes, and the moments about the three axes, producing a total of six outputs.
The high sensitivity, low crosstalk, excellent repeatability and long term stability of this platform makes it ideal for research and clinical studies.




. OR6 Series: 464 x 508(mm)
. BP400600: 400 x 600(mm)
. BP400800: 400 x 800(mm)  
. BP600900: 600x 900(mm)
. BP900900: 900 x 900(mm)
. BP6001200: 600 x 1200(mm)
. BP12001200: 1200 x 1200(mm)
. AccuGait: 500 x 500(mm)



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