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VISOL Multi Net Express


  Main Features



VISOL Multi Net Express captures 100fps progressive images from the multiple VISOL MotionMaster 100 cameras by working together Kwon3DXP. It supports complete synchronization between cameras using H/W external trigger.





  Complete synchronized capturing
  Stable and robust capturing by using system memory



Image controller
. Brightness, Gain




. Shutter speed
. Frame rate
. System memory status
. Current step
. Cam1/Cam2 status and image
. On-air status
. Consumption rate indicator of selected drive

  Optimization for Kwon3D XP

  Auto updater


  System Requirements


CPU: Intel pentium4 3.0Gz or AMD Athlon venice 3200+
OS: Microsoft windows XP professional
RAM: Dual channel DDR400 2GB
VGA: NVIDIA 6200 128MB or ATI X1600 128MB
Monitor resolution: 1280 x 1024
LAN: 1Gbs LAN adaptor
LAN Hub: 1Gbs switching hub
1394a pci card
NI 6601 digital I/O pci card
Basler A602fc camera


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