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  Main Features






KwonGRF is a sister software package of Kwon3D, specifically developed for the ground reaction force analysis. It is compatible to various force plate models commonly used in the fields of biomechanics. Ground reaction force data (ground reaction force, ground reaction torque, and center of pressure) can be analyzed either independently or imported into Kwon3D for further analysis such as inverse dynamics.  Due to the carefully-planned streamlined package structures and the consistent theoretical foundation, integration of the motion data and the ground reaction force data is such a simple task with Kwon3D and KwonGRF.






Compatible Force Plates: AMTI, Bertec, and Kistler




Trigger Types: Manual, channel, or external




Ground Reaction Force Data
. Ground reaction force
. Ground reaction torque
. Center of pressure (position, centroid, excursion, area; individual vs. combined)
. Acceleration
. Friction coefficient
. Impulse
. Additional channel data (foot switch, goniometer, EMG, etc.)




. Channel graphs (force plate & additional channels)
. Vectogram (ground reaction force)
. Multiple windows




Special Features
. Automatic event detection
. Average gait velocity measurement
. Plate padding
. Flexible plate positioning



  System Requirements




. Microsoft Windows 2000 or later
. Requires a Data Translation AD board for acquisition
. Requires an AD Sync Box (16 or 32 channels) with the standard accessories
. Compatible with Kwon3D 



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