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Kwon3D was born in 1990 as a low-end, yet powerful, comprehensive motion analysis software package. It is a general-purpose motion analysis package with broad and in-depth analysis capabilities. Its main strengths are the solid theoretical foundation and the streamlined package structure.This single package meets the needs of various analysis types: robotics, rehabilitation, ergonomics, human mobility biomechanics, sport biomechanics, etc.  The key designing themes of the package are comprehensiveness and flexibility.  It covers a wide range of sophisticated motion analysis tasks: simultaneous capture of digital video from multiple cameras, individualized body segment parameter computation, flexible camera calibration, comprehensive body modeling, manual/automatic marker tracking, accurate reconstruction of the object plane (2D) and space (3D), flexible data rocessing,comprehensive data computation, high-quality graphics, generalized pattern analysis, etc. Kwon3D is flexible, allowing users to customize analyses to their unique needs and eliminating the needs for additional user programming.






Comprehensiveness and flexibility
. Covers a wide range of sophisticated motion analysis tasks
. Allowing users to customize analyses to their unique needs
  and eliminating the needs for additional user programming




Body Modeling
. Body groups or system of rigid bodies
. Joints for the inverse dynamics and helical axis analysis
. Local reference frames
. User angles
. Built-in joint center location algorithms




Camera Calibration
. Calibration frame or range poles
. Flexible axis alignment
. DLT or DSM (direct solution method) algorithm
. Special underwater camera calibration features




Marker Tracking: Manual digitization and automatic tracking




Data Processing
. Cubic spline interpolation (pre and post)
. Software genlock for the camcorders
. Digital filtering with Butterworth low-pass filter
. Point padding




Analysis Type
. Point kinematics
. CM kinematics
. Transformation matrices of the local reference frames
. Body orientation angles
. Body angular kinematics
. Angular momentum
. Inverse dynamics
. Helical axis analysis




. Powerful 3D OpenGL stick figures, Graphs, Data views



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