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Kwon3D XP

  Main Features


Kwon3D XP provides competitive power as a research project based integration software for needs of accurate analysis. Kwon3DXP preserves depth of analysisusing direct interface method. As the single unit program that can be used as an enterprise solution, Kwon3DXP increased easy usability and has features like capturing multi videos, measuring ground reaction force data and analog signal, calibrating, analyzing, creating report as well as auto-updating.



More Convenient and User Friendly GUI System
. Intuitive and unified operation procedure
. Increase of productivity with reusable body model, protocol, report
. Operations of all the features in a workspace area


Integrated Video and Analog Data Capture
. 100 FPS synchronized capturing with VISOL Multi Net Express
. Simultaneous video capture with maximum 9 cameras
. Automation of all process: preview, capture, playback, register to project
. Acoustic capturing for automatic sync frame setting



Faster and Enhanced Digitizing with 2D/3D Auto Tracking
. 3D coordination data computed using multiple videos




Powerful Data Processing
. One-click dynamic batch data processing
. Support various processing type:




Force plate group data, point kinematics, CM kinematics, unit vectors
angular kinematics, angular momentum, inverse dynamic, user angles
. Support C3D data format




Advanced Reporting
. Intuitional editing by using WYSIWYG
. Support various report type: video, 3D stick figure, graph, data sheet, image, text)
. Report viewer




Automatic Update
. Updated automatically on the internet


  System Requirements


CPU: Intel Pentium4 2.4GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3000+
OS: Windows XP
RAM: 512MB
HDD: 100MB free space
Monitor resolution: 1280 x 1024 above
Wheel Mouse
Internet connection for auto updating 


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2D/3D Digitizing


 Reporot-3D Stick Figure


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Technical Resource : Kwon3D Software brochure.pdf(1.1MB)

Technical Resource : Kwon3D Brochure.pdf(17MB)

Kwon Young Hoo, Ph.D. Profile : Kwon_Vita_2013_Short.visol(3.1MB)

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